2022 Summer Share Registration

Cost: Weekly seasonal produce available starting at under $36 a week (feeds 4 – 6 people). For more detail on costs click here.

  • Program: Shares start late May or early June, and continue for fourteen weeks.
  • Pickup: Shares may be picked up Tuesdays or Wednesdays between at 1821 Effingham St., Ridgeville.  Baskets are ready at 5 pm and we encourage pick-up as close to that time as possible.
  • Home Delivery: Home delivery happens Wednesday is only available for Fonthill/Ridgeville residents at an extra cost of $7/week.
  • Veggies: Each share includes a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, changing according to the season. Refer to questions and answer for a sample of last years vegetable servings. 

To register: please fill out the form below.

Payment can be made via cheque (made payable to Vic Ratzlaff) or cash dropped off at 1821 Effingham street, Ridgeville, or an e-transfer (to vicratzlaff@gmail.com).  

Deposit of $100 is needed to reserve your space with the balance due by May 1/22

Please contact us with questions at 289-669-0212 or vicratzlaff@gmail.com

A farmer plants seeds, cultivates the soil and is thankful for the harvest.  As a participant in this CSA you acknowledge that weather, bugs and wildlife are variables beyond the control of the farmer and may affect the quality and quantity of the produce.  And as a participant, you look forward to sharing in the harvest of pesticide-free food grown locally.

To serve and cultivate


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