We have planned a couple events for this season. First, we would like to introduce a kids event: Thursday, July 13th from 2 – 5 pm we welcome all kids to come visit the farm. Activities include a nature walk in the woods, identifying animal tracks and trees blown over by the wind;  a wagon ride; visit the chicken coop and collection of eggs;  viewing of the baby chicks; transplanting exercise; wiener roast; and campfire.  These activities work best with kids ages 2 – 10 years but use your discretion.   The child’s parent/parents will be needed for supervision and participation.  This is a free event for our farm share customers.  For others who would like to join in, the cost is $10/child.

Second, we are planning our annual Farmshare dinner for Thursday, August 24th at 6pm. This is an adults only event and the agenda includes enjoying food, friends and celebrating the harvest. More details to follow. Mark your calendars, and signup below!





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