Here’s how farm shares work

In spring, the shareholder pays the farmer for a share of the upcoming harvest — a weekly bushel of fresh, in-season produce — which they will then receive throughout the growing season.

When the harvest is plentiful the share will be larger; in the event of a poor crop or even a crop failure, there would be less.

Benefits for the shareholder:

Benefits for the creation, human being, one who walks on the earth bare-footed, the settler, loved by God…

  • Eating high quality, fresh, local produce at a fair price.
  • Knowing the origin of your food — the farm, the farmer, and the farmer’s growing practices.
  • Eating adventures! Discover new and delicious foods.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • A guaranteed market for our produce.
  • A reliable income in spring, when it is most needed.
  • Sharing the risks of growing – you share the bounty and also the possibility of crop failures.
  • Getting to know the people who eat our food.

What is CSA?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a system of growing and distributing  produce that restores the link between the farmer and city dweller. Successful in Japan and Western Europe since 1965, CSA today operates on approximately 1000 farms in North America.

In early spring each year, local households purchase subscription “shares” of the upcoming year’s harvest from a local  farm. CSA “shareholders” pay for their produce at the beginning of the growing season, providing the necessary start-up capital for farmers to purchase seeds, supplies and soil amendments, eliminating their reliance on expensive bank loans and helping to pay for the real cost of food.


1. Provides local farmers with an economically viable farm business
2. Consumers gain access to affordable, fresh, & local organic foods
3. Consumers learn about what grows in Ontario and how to “eat seasonally”
4. Strengthens the local economy and builds community
5. Less transportation & packaging makes for a healthier local environment

To serve and cultivate


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